Man eat virus to infect himself with lactose genes and it works

Man eat virus to infect himself with lactose genes and it works

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  1. Just in case anyone comes in, thinking “wow, that’s so cool, I wanna try that.”


    This is stuff is dangerous, and iirc, this man said he’d rather die than be lactose intolerant in the first video.

  2. If anyone wants to know why homebrew biohacking is a dumb idea, talk to someone who runs clinical trials for new drugs and ask them about safety studies and off target effects. There’s a reason why there’s not 20 different covid-19 vaccines out right now, and it’s the same reason why biohacking is a dumb idea.

    I’ll give you a hint; it’s not because there’s some global conspiracy between the FDA and all the international pharmaceutical companies, go look up thalidomide.

  3. Not sure who this guy is, but this seems incredibly irresponsible. He seems to be using lab resources and potentially NIH funding for nonapproved research. I wonder even if his PI knows about this. If off target effects caused him to die, his PI would be fucked.

    Also, gene therapy is not safe or easy. Penn killed Jesse Gelsinger 20 years ago and halted the entire field for decades. It’s only recently that it’s been restarted with Spark therapeutics/Roche and their stuff is still experimental.

  4. >And it has no way to accidentally integrate into the host’s genome, so there should be no way for it to form any sorts of cancer.

    That is definitely an improvement over the original treatment. When that first video came out, I was screaming at my monitor that this was an excellent way to get cancer because that method injects DNA at an arbitrary location in the host cell’s genome, so I’m glad he has modified his approach to make cancer much less of a concern.


    >The exact release mechanism of how this works is still being studied

    This would make me tread very carefully. *In theory*, if you inject a plasmid coding for a known gene with a well understood function into a cell without messing with the host cell’s DNA, you *should* be fine, but there’s still room for a lot of unpleasant surprises.

    I would focus on extensive animal trials first (NON-human animals, smartass). Just get some knockout rats or something. I get that cheese is delicious, but come on.

  5. It’s so strange how he talks about modifying dna like it’s python or Java or something. Crazy how structured life is. I hope he takes it further and can finally (and safely) eliminate lactose intolerance

  6. I love how he is thinking about how to mass produce this. Because the FDA is NEVER going to let this guy run any tests after he did this nor mass produce anything.

  7. Guys,

    Don’t fucking do this. All it takes is for the virus genome to insert somewhere it’s not supposed to and boom-you’ve got cancer or an even worse enzymatic deficiency than lactose intolerance.


  8. i subbed to this guy for science content like the titanium coating video, i am considering unsubbing because of this. its not only dangerous for him but big cringe for me.

  9. We’re one step closer to making Bioshock a reality, and personally, I can’t wait for the day I can inject a swarm of bees into my hand for endless honey and buzzy buddies.

  10. Hey bros I’m lactose intolerant, I made a virus in this here uh…. pepsi… and when I drink it it’ll give me lacktoes genes! Crazy right! Here goes nothing… hope I dont get sick or something! Gulp! Whoa yo, I’m lactose tolerant now! Wow!

  11. *proceeds to be super descriptive about everything, explaining just about everything about his body*

    OK… but how long did it help for?

    *a long time*

    Come on.. you can’t tell me this dude didn’t actually record the amount of days it helped. Something tells me it’s not an impressive amount of time.

  12. I wonder the correlation with veterinarians and vegans being lactose intolerant.


    How did the gene of being lactose intolerant survive where being on a farm is a common livelihood? A prairie? Water. Was/is the condition a deterrent to the profession? Is it a deterrent to the lifestyle of eating meat?


    Beyond that; a saying goes that someone once asked Einstein, “Why is your hair so unkempt?” to which Einstein replied, “There are bigger things to worry about besides how my hair looks.”


    Those earrings, and crooked glasses don’t have that excuse.


    Good study.

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