Man finds excavator abandoned 16 years ago, gets it working again

Man finds excavator abandoned 16 years ago, gets it working again

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Weird, watched this last night. Dude sounds like a Kiwi. NZ isn’t as big as the US it anything, but it’s still massively remote. 4 million people for a country the size of the UK. 300 hectares is a lot of land. But not cray cray amounts.

    Anyway, loved this vid. Wish I knew enough about something of value like this this guy seems to. In a post apocalyptic world ain’t no one going to be looking for my TPS reports..

  2. Really cool. This is like a find a relatively modern day treasure in the woods. Seems most of the issues that he fixed were a result of the 16 years in the woods which leaves me to believe that single 10 cent bolt was the only problem. If so, that’s crazy the previous owner just left it there bc of that.

  3. Ah. That makes sense! Loads of land down there.

    I’m in Wellington. Got my “house on the hill”.. hence no sensible garage. I do what I can with the land I have. Just putting funds together to get up north of here a bit..

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