Man hilariously roasts an area faculty board on reopening

Man hilariously roasts an area faculty board on reopening 7

Man hilariously roasts an area faculty board on reopening

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  1. I found it comical when they pounced on him for removing his mask for all of 2 seconds. They get a bit defensive when they might actually get exposed themselves. Every single point he made was brutally valid.


  2. I like that he got really serious and respectful when talking about their colleague dying from the flu and then got sassy again right after.

  3. Floridian here and the governor just removed state mandated masks in public areas. Immediately the masses are going without. The commercials even use verbiage, “back during the pandemic…” and “with everyone getting back to life now…” which makes these people just the more confused. Who do you think pays the government the money to turn on the germ factory again? Big business will play along for a while but when their bottom line is in jeopardy the mandates drop and the misinformation curtain goes up. God help us.

  4. I live in a Michigan small village. Here’s what I see. The barber shop has 4 or 5 guys in it – nobody is wearing a mask. Like EVER. Across the street is the gas station/convenience store. You can’t enter the building without a mask. They will refuse service.

    The local sub shop – no masks by staff, very few masks by customers. But the local pizza parlor – you can’t enter without a mask on. They will shoo you back out the door. They reopened all the schools, but all the universities that opened had closed again within a couple weeks.

    So really, there are two states here – one dealing with COVID and another ignoring it completely.

  5. Great now that he’s done speaking the truth let’s be silent for a moment and then move on and act like we didn’t even hear that

  6. Canadian here.

    Our schools are re-opening as well, and we have the exact same problems: small classrooms, not enough distancing, schools are already getting outbreaks. It’s not the kids we have to worry about, but their elders that they infect and then have to deal with the fact that they had something to do with their deaths.

    It’s a **no-fucking-brainer** at this point. I don’t know what the fuck our governments are doing, but they’re doing everything wrong it seems.

    Imagine infecting your mom, grandma, grandpa, with COVID-19 because you were forced to go to school, and then learning they died because of you. Because of your shitty government.

    This shit just pisses me off to no end.

  7. The guy sitting behind him, checking his watch and putting his hand over his head really helps hammer home the guys point

  8. yeah this guy fucking killed it while making his point again and again.

    (too bad it’s likely these cunts didn’t give a fuck)

  9. I found it comical when they pounced on him for removing his mask for all of 2 seconds. They get a bit defensive when they might actually get exposed themselves. Every single point he made was brutally valid.


  10. I work at walmart, the people who don’t wear a mask are literally the same type of people. You see them and you just say to yourself “Yep, i would expect them not to wear one”.

    I like in a hick area, the obvious people who don’t wear masks are as followed.
    1. white trash, the type that always have a wife beater on with jeans they can’t figure out why they keep falling down on, hang out in sporting goods for hours on end, then just end up buying one fishing lure.
    2. The “I’m to tough to wear a mask, but i’m going to make sure wife and kids have one”. You see them, walking about all chin up, proud they are tougher than a virus, because they don’t look weak and silly in a mask. Nothing says i love you family like looking tough for no reason. cunts
    3. The classy “I’m going to wear a mask, but i’m going to tuck it under chin because i’m uncomfortable”.
    4. The old person person wearing it under nose, because they are old and don’t understand you breath from nose and mouth i guess. On the same note the same type of people who pull mask up to talk to you because for some reason the VERY time you need to have a mask on they think pulling it up to talk makes you hear them better?

    If it was me personally, i would hire a security guard outside the store and tell people they have to have one to enter store, if they don’t they are now banned from store forever.

    But Walmart is to chicken shit to do the actual right thing, because they are to scared of “conflict”. Grow the fuck up walmart.

  11. Fuck the guy before him, yeah, trying to keep teachers (many of whom are older) from dying is just “union special interests”.

  12. wake county high school student here, i loved his speech and he has a point but there’s a lot more at play than that, we need to think about the parents who are trying to work and have to deal with their kids along with their work. unfortunately not everyone is in a position to do all-online school, and even though staying out of school is important there’s a lot of stuff we have to think about. problem is, our county board, judging by their behavior during the man’s speech, is clearly not comfortable talking about the real shit that’s going on because of their decisions.

  13. At least they had the meeting in person, when a local school board voted to have in person classes they also voted to continue having board meetings by zoom calls because I person meetings were not safe.

  14. When’s the roast?

    **edit** why am I downvoted to oblivion for asking when the minutes-long roast is in a two hour video? This link brings me to the beginning, I don’t know about the rest of you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  15. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m a little out of my element here. I don’t have kids, I don’t know what it’s like.

    It seems to me that parents are pretty evenly split into two groups.

    1. Those who are showing that they truly want what’s best for their kids by making big sacrifices in their personal lives, and careers, for their kids health and education.
    2. Those who don’t know how to keep their kid occupied during the day without impacting their careers, and want their kids back in school.

    For many kids school means getting up early to walk to the bus, and not getting home until 6 or 7pm after extracurriculars. I can’t help but stand back and see a bunch of parents who are now faced with having to raise their kid themselves now that they can’t go to school every day.

  16. Wake County NC has one of the most corrupt and incompetent school boards in the nation. They have absolutely no care for teacher and student health/safety. I used to be a teacher for Wake County for 3 years, NEVER AGAIN.

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