Man hunting for a mystery beep in his house

Man hunting for a mystery beep in his house 6

Man hunting for a mystery beep in his house

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Man at least this is justified. I had something similar a few months after living in a new place. Drove me crazy – checked every smoke detector. Stood silently in each room for minutes to determine if I was getting closer. Narrowed the noise to a room that didn’t have any visible detectors.

    Turns out I’d never unpacked my portable carbon monoxide detected and it was in a box in that room, with a low battery.

  2. As an individual working towards an audio engineer degree, I appreciate the functional use of skills. I also understand why you didn’t just go drop your savings on a bunch of omnis.

  3. “I just found a basement”

    Builder here, that’s not a “basement” it’s a crawl space for your plumbing, HVAC and electrical. Houses built above ground typically have this.

  4. Yeah I definitely thought there’d be a body down there. Imagine the video just cuts as he’s pulled down and you hear faint noises on the various mics…

  5. Makes me think back to the CR2032 powered chirp generators us EE dorks made in school. They’d chirp once randomly every couple of hours and the battery would last for more than a year. Made for the pettiest of petty revenge.

  6. Obviously significant portions of this video are “recreations”. The song may also have been post-produced and not spontaneous :-p

    Without making a video, I did a similar process using 5 mics, three were for triangulating and then had a couple more ended up using to hint at elevation.

    Went with timing instead of amplitude though because I couldn’t be assured the mics were calibrated relative to each other for volume.

    Could be wrong, but I didn’t think battery powered carbon monoxide detectors are allowed to have changeable batteries. My understanding is the detector has a limited life span and safety officials don’t want you using it past the life span of the detector module. That’s why they come sealed with a 5-10 year internal battery.

  7. Pretty disappointed he didn’t take the moment for a “Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him” joke. Thought that’s where he was going with that line.

  8. On Mystery Beeps…

    So, I had a house a few years ago, before hitting this great citylife. And one week in the summer, I kept hearing a single BEEP every so often. I had a roommate in the house, but she was often oblivious, but when my girlfriend was over, she would notice the Beep, too.


    That Saturday, I decided to go hunting. I went through the entire house, room by room, and top to bottom. I started in the basement and searched every nook and cranny with a flashlight, looking for a smoke detector. In the basement, the Beep was almost non existent.

    Back on the ground floor, it haunted me. And it was about every 2 minutes. So, room to room I went. My office had a hidden panel above the closet where I kept both my lockbox an my handgun. I ducked my head in there, and flash-lit it up. Nothing.

    I check the roommates room. Nothing. Both bathrooms. Nothing.

    I started to get pretty annoyed, and there it goes, I hear it again, and clearly.

    Sure enough, there is an attic access panel in the little hallway bearing my roommate’s room, her bathroom, and my office. This must be it. So, I get a chair and my screwgun (the panel is screwed shut). I hear the beep again, obviously and clearly on the other side of that panel.

    It’s like 2:30 on a quiet Saturday. And, as I undo the first screw, a wave of dread hits me. The kind of dread that makes horror movie characters open doors slowly. Dread that makes stupid jump-scares possible. I grew up in rural country, and used to say that the scariest thing in the world is an empty farmhouse on a summer day. It has that just pregnant, waiting stillness to it, like a predator.

    Not wanting to be Horror Movie dude, I moved to the next screw, and then the third, and then the forth in quick succession. I left each screw in the panel, just loosened enough that I could pop the panel out. That took sufficient upward push, as the paint stuck a bit (again, Summer).

    Now, this was 2008, so what immediately came to mind was that scene from the Grudge where the person sticks their head up to look at the attic and gets her jaw ripped off.


    I don’t event make it that far, though, because, AS SOON as I pop the panel in and turn it, getting ready to slide it aside and duck my head in… silence. I wait for 2 minutes. Then another minute. Then another.

    This is where the same genre savvy nature that makes it so I force myself to do stuff in Regular (non Slo-Motion) pace kicks in. I screw the panel back into place and step down. I wait another 2 minutes.

    I step out of the hallway, into the living room, where I can always hear the BEEP.


    I lived in that house for another 2 months before I moved to Boston, and never again did I hear the beep. I am still fairly certain, had I stuck my head up there, some withered old creature would have torn off my face.

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