Man pranks his pals with a wig constructed from his personal hair

Man pranks his pals with a wig constructed from his personal hair

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  1. How many fucking friends does this guy have? Definitely an extrovert I guess. I don’t have a quarter of that many friends. Fuck, now I just feel dead inside.

  2. I wish more details were shown how he made the wig. I guess it helps to have that curly/messy hair style, but still. If I simply glued my own hair together like that it would not look anything close to realistic.

  3. I don’t know if it’s the way he laughs or that plus the wig thing but he kind of looks like the drag queen Katya.

  4. So it is pretty funny and this might just be my Autism not getting the joke but would anyone else be like “oh…nice hair cut”? Like I would be a bit surprised that he suddenly had a shaved head but mostly I’d be like “that’s a lot of effort to surprise people with the mundane fact that you got a hair cut”

    It took a lot of effort and seems to have been well executed but the actual surprise isn’t that big. It isn’t like surprising people that you are back in the country after years away or that you got married or something like that.

  5. I guess the thing is to **krit**-ik this guy. Just wish the video started before you pulled off the wig. So I can see how real or not it really was. Cheers keep making videos.

  6. What about the wigs from concentration camps? Those are all human hair sold in USA. What’s the difference?

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