Maybe the heat gets converted to usefull energy?

Maybe the heat gets converted to usefull energy? 7

Maybe the heat gets converted to usefull energy? 8

Maybe the heat gets converted to usefull energy?

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  1. Me, a science nerd who knows it creates sound and light which is wasted energy: “You may have outsmarted me but I outsmarted your outsmarting”

  2. There is a lot of energy loss when it is heating up! (*That’s what I think*« correct me please»)

  3. You should check out my 300% efficient thermopump. You supply it with 1000w of energy and it puts out over 3000w of heat.

  4. The wasted energy is normally the sound and the light. Or if u have a rotating heater. Then the energy wasted is the energy used to move the heater.

  5. Does it use some energy to form a magnetic field?
    Edit: every warm object shines with infrared btw, that needs energy as well.

  6. If the heater we are talking about is an electric space heater, you would loose lots of energy due to electrical resistance in the heating coils, as well as in the switches and the cable that goes to the wall.

  7. First of all you donkeys are missing the biggest point. There’s energy driving a fan to distribute the heat so it will never be using all of its energy to create heat because it’s using to energy to run a fan designed to cool down the coils of the heater

  8. My laptop operates at 100% efficiency. It’s used to game, a house heater, and a white-noise machine when I’m sleeping.

  9. Don’t forget induction losses! Any time current flows through a medium, some of that energy will be converted to a magnetic field around the conductor.

  10. What if there was a steam generator making power for an induction cooktop with a Pot of water and a pipe flowing into the pot and then the steam powers the generator

  11. It doesn’t get converted to heat indisputably but it converts to some form of energy called “internal energy” and that energy is not useful too so..

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