McFarlane Drawing of Spider-Man

McFarlane Drawing of Spider-Man

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Story I heard back in the day:

    When a new artist takes over drawing a Marvel comic, Marvel sends them a packet of pictures as a style guide. Peter Parker looks like this, Mary Jane looks like this, etc.

    When Todd McFarlane took over in the early 90’s they sent it, and one of the pictures was of how the webbing looked.

    Well Todd hater it, and then drew them a picture of how it should look. Which is how I’m sure you picture it, with the center shaft and twisted strands wrapped around it.

    He sent that back to Marvel and they said.

    Ok THIS is how the webbing looks.

  2. Did anyone else notice that there is a slightly invisible copy of the drawing he follows as a guide before he starts drawing in black. It’s extremely faint. Mainly noticeable around the eyes before he fills it in.

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