Me in on-line video games

Me in on-line video games 7

Me in on-line video games 8

Me in on-line video games

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  1. If you’re just chillin’, tryin’ to have some fun but you’re not very good at the game, that’s A-Okay by me.

    If you’re trying to have some fun by intentionally playing the game wrong or spamming the mic with stupid noises I’d like you to get the fuck off my team, and preferably off the server.

  2. Hardest part for me is to not take it so seriously. Playing Red Dead online i reach a point of zen i never thought possible. But playing Halo again? Going back to my old days of raging man.

  3. I absolutely hate it when someone whines nonstop. I just play for fun and not to be the best player in the world. One day I couldn’t take it anymore and just stopped playing online games.

    Offline games are better anyway imo. More of an immersive experience for me.

  4. I played OW with a friend after he grinded for a month for a gold skin

    and the neck breathing and back seating that followed was unbearable

    as a casual player that tries to have a fun (in a game with sbmm that’s a challenge in itself) it kinda sucked to know he was using me as a way to pull him into lower skilled lobbies and complaining about the way I play

  5. The only difference is I cant ignore those toxic people. Even when I carry the game and got a round won for the team. I get a message from people just saying toxic shit. Than I just report them and answer stop the toxic!

  6. If it’s a competitive game and you just chilling and having fun while doing nothing then maybe your team mates are toxic for a reason

  7. Meme aside…Free Guy looks like the movie everybody is going to hate for how dumb and flat it seems and I’m going to love every second of it cause of all the nerd references and of course Ryan F’IN Reynolds

  8. This is me at the moment on rocket ball cars whatever it’s called. I was asked to leave the other day haha I’m like nope then they move for forfeit but I’m not quitter

  9. This is soooo relatable rn. I just got out of a Dota 2 Turbo game (which is unranked). I wanted to try out playing a new hero which I wasn’t very good at. Literally got screamed at every second.

    For my Dota 2 comrades, the hero was Legion Commander. I generally play support.

  10. There are basically two things that make me rage: Idiot drivers and Idiot Gamers.

    Having said that, I tried to be chiling and having fun in Online Gaming, but I failed horribly.

    As I realized that, I stopped that nonsense and found solace in single player games….

  11. The problem is, if you make casual servers, just to have fun, there will be always this toxic tryhard coming to the server, to OWN THE NEWBS.

  12. This is me and my friends playing Company of Heroes. They’ll be constantly screaming at me “WHy do I have units there?! Why did I make so many of these units?!” whilst I continue to be just as effective as them with their super micro and telling every unit different orders to have the perfect plan, whilst I just click and drag all my dudes, give them rocket launchers and tell them to charge.

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