Meanwhile in Dublin, Ireland…

Meanwhile in Dublin, Ireland… 6

Meanwhile in Dublin, Ireland…

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Fuck yeah Acid Granny.

    Saw these guys playing outside a shopping center in the middle of the city at about 11pm beside Grogans a few nights ago.

    Everyone was buying pints in the pub and then bringing it over to them. Then out of no where, one of the roma dudes who go around performing music showed up and asked to have a go of the drums. He was wearing sunglasses at night, wearing an accordion and didn’t have a lick of English. Then he just starts fucking shredding on the drums, the band is going crazy, the crowd is loving it, screaming and dancing. Then after about 5/10 minutes, dude just gets up, waves and heads back on the grind.

    Great experience, I love how music just brings us all together.

    Hon the Acid Granny!

  2. To be honest, they look like they are having a great great time right there and somehow I wish I was there and smelled was he is smelling right now!
    I need an acid trolley und my life!

  3. I recently saw a support act at a punk gig in Dublin (Panik Attaks headlining) do this. Might have been these same two. I think there were three or four of them gathered around a shopping trolley on the stage, tweaking knobs and effects and stuff.

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