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Written by hugo santos


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  1. She is a boss you have to fight in the game Offices and Bosses. It’s kinda like Dungeons and Dragons, but set on the planet Earth. I always play a dog, chaotic good, but with severely limited abilities as you can only be in the office at certain times with “cool” corporations. But your charisma is through the roof. And if you make friends with a boss, you basically own the dungeon and are immune from attacks. Haha, try me, Scott, from accounting, I have a +7 to charisma. Scott may be a powerful manager, saying “I’m allergic! Why is a dog at the office?”

    Bitch, please. My owner is a Karen. You need to level up hard before you can even get me to stop literally shitting in your office

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Baby turtles crawling in sand

I took a personality test which told me I’m 51% extroverted. This song I wrote is that 1%.