Melissa Joan Hart enjoying Sonic Journey on the launch celebration for Sega Dreamcast in 1999.

Melissa Joan Hart enjoying Sonic Journey on the launch celebration for Sega Dreamcast in 1999.

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  1. Every time a Dreamcast is referenced I must say, Sega just had bad timing and horrible hype/lack of advertising for it.
    Every game I played on Dreamcast was fantastic!!
    Except maybe sonic shuffle.
    I can’t believe the Dreamcast basically killed Sega.
    I wish they would give console creation another shot.

  2. Oh man, she fucken owned my pre-pubescent heart.

    From *Clarissa Explains it All,* to *Sabrina the Teenage Witch,* I swear it seemed like she didn’t age one bit. I remember the shock and awe I had when I found out she was friends with Britney Spears – the “de facto” teen sex symbol of the time, and I’m sure the catalyst for a majority of my generation’s “obsession” with school girl uniforms.

    Come to think of it, I think that’s when I stopped crushing on her so hard, only to switch over to her “aunts” on Sabrina (idgaf what anyone thinks, the funny one was *hot,*) and Topanga Lawrence.

    …. Fuck I feel older and older every day because of you whippersnappers.

  3. Oh man she was so cute, i had such a crush on her. It’s so sad that she can mostly only be found in god awful christian propaganda movies now

  4. All these people saying they had a crush on Clarissa when I know it was all about Six. That was my girl.

  5. Do not look up Melissa Joan Hart. I am warning you. Let that sweet 90s nostalgia cloud your mind with fond memories.

    Spoiler alert: Just saw some recent pictures of her and she appears to have gone full Karen.

  6. the dreamcast version of this game was the bee’s fuckin knees. its a real shame all the ports are complete dogshit. i still remember bringing my memory card to school and hooking it up with a buddy’s to have chao races

  7. This was my favorite game hands down. The vibe, the story, the open world. The music, i loved it so much.

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