Meme style (nostalgic mode)

Meme style (nostalgic mode)

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  1. ​

    |Call Of Duty|Grand Theft Auto|
    |Curb Your Enthusiasm|Dark Souls|

    Sorry, just that a few people apparently don’t know and I wanna educate that 1%

  2. If you guys are wondering why I said four more horsemen, that’s because I had another post with the same format but with four different ways of dying.

  3. The credits one doesn’t necessarily mean dying, replace with black dudes dancing with the coffin meme

  4. if i were to make this meme id have the saluting meme replace the curb your meme cuz imo the curb your meme is more for embarrassment or stupidity

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Wouldn’t this be perfection?

Mmmmmmm yes truck