Metal arm go brr

Metal arm go brr 7

Metal arm go brr 8

Metal arm go brr

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  1. Here’s some bubble wrap:

    >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!<


    Happy Easter to all!

  2. Sometimes I just randomly think about his name, what a fucking badass name, I’d like to be called that if I were an assassin.

  3. This is why I like Sam. For the most part, he’s just a dude and has an advanced flight harness. Not even full Stark tech armor a la James Rhodes. At best he has a gun or two. He’s a highly trained dude, certainly technologically gifted, but out of the other MCU heroes he’s the closest to a normal person.

  4. Is it ever explained how Bucky and captain America are like 100% ok with all the different cultures which would of been frowned upon when they were normal like in the new series he sits with an Asian man who were hated in 1940’s america obviously we find out why he was so nice later on but he could of easily ignored him on his list

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2003, a rookie LeBron James traveling with his PS2 20

2003, a rookie LeBron James traveling with his PS2

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