“Minecraft teaches kids about animal abuse”

“Minecraft teaches kids about animal abuse”

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  1. Well this is gonna be on banvideo games lol. The satire is fed tbh. Sub needs to die

    Edit: why an I getting upvotes. Oh wait the sub died and so did the satire. Well I rlly thought I would get downvoted to hell regardless.

  2. Even if it was, I’d doesnt matter. There is no link between game violence and real world violence. And if there was, News Channels can be banned as well. You can turn on Fox and see a man getting shot, that’s real life, blowing a zombie head off isnt.

  3. The bottom image reminds me of a mobile game I played like 5 years ago where you would be in a map that looks like it was built in Minecraft and you would fight against bots with guns. Anyone else remember this?

  4. Last time my mom was at my house I was playing Minecraft and she saw my chicken cooker and proceeded to lecture me on animal rights and such. I’m in my 30s ffs.

  5. My 13 year old brother spent the better part of 6 hours, fixing up a village with a huge ravine splitting it Into two. He even went as far as to set up temporary housing for the villagers. All because he was sad that they had to live like that.

  6. Just a heads up r/banvideosgames took this and swapped the meme, and claimed it was from r/Facts by terribly scribbling out Memes and putting facts after the scribbled out meme.

  7. I remember back in elementary or middle school you used to be able to play MC in the computer lab till one day some parent said it was a violent game or some crap and it was banned

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