mmm sure, pvz memes

mmm sure, pvz memes 7

mmm sure, pvz memes 8

mmm sure, pvz memes

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  1. So weird. Couldn’t immediately tell what Starcraft had to do with this at first. Then I realized….

    Plants Vs Zombies. Not Protoss Vs Zerg.

  2. My mom yelled at me because she was having a bad day, my little brother(6-7) laughed so i hit him, hard enough to know I was mad, but not hard enough to hurt, he cried, my mom vcame downstairs, and said she could see the “hand print” on his cheek, i hit him in the back of the head, she ended up spanking me, i never forgave her.

  3. That is so true, by the way what do parents want from us? I legitimately get in trouble for softly pushing my siblings to remove myself from situations that could lead to fights, in other words, I literally get in trouble for deescalating sometimes. If you don’t fight back they say “well you wouldn’t have gotten hurt if you removed yourself from the situation” when you remove yourself from the situation its “He wants attention, play with him!” or “Why’s you do barely anything to prevent this from becoming a situation!” if you fight back it’s “they are half your size, if they’re hitting you then you call me!” and when you follow their rules they refuse to come and put you back at one of the previous squares to repeat the cycle.

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I immediately tought about this the primary day 20

I immediately tought about this the primary day

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The Platinum Digital Burning Man Expertise™