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Mmmmmmm yes truck

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  1. This is an oldie. My brother took this picture in East Longmeadow Mass. This was our neighbors house. The photo had been edited. The side of the van used to say ” WHERE THE NEWS HITS HOME FIRST”.

    Edit: I could be mistaken about the slogan…

  2. Despite the name, “The Republican” is quite left-leaning. Its digital platform affiliate *MassLive* is filled with misspellings.

  3. Don’t know if it is the same one or not but the Waterbury (Ct) Republican American was the newspaper I grew up with. Now I live where the newspaper is the Union Democrat, a name that dates back to the Civil War in the Gold Country of California

  4. My local paper is called the Democrat. My great grandfather used to call it the Republican. If it weren’t for him I don’t think I would be conservative.

  5. Here one of the shitty taco joints has a taco called the republican. It’s a big sausage on a tortilla.

    The democrat is barbacoa and the independent is veggie, I feel like those should be flipped.

    Edit: Wow, looking at the other comments, there’s some serious downvote brigading going on

  6. Slogan could have been. “republican, screwing over our country for the benefit of a few”. That would make sense to me n

  7. Trump supporters are incompetent at everything they do, including driving. You should never vote for one of their kind. They are truly the party of death.

  8. Breaking news “The republicans received jail time in an attempt to run down democratic voters with their delivery truck named, and i quote “the truth”

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