Mobile gaming ads be like…

Mobile gaming ads be like…

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  1. I’m amazed what mobile game ads can get away with in these days. So many of them are not actually the real gameplay and some of them even straight out lie by using assets from other games. And it seems that there’s little repercussions too since it’s everywhere.

  2. Sheesh, the mobile gaming ads have just been nonstop for me lately. I will never play a single one of these terrible games, but for some reason they think actual gamers should be their target market? Like no. Use your google demographic data to harrass the kinds of people who screw around on their phones all day and don’t know what a decent game looks like.

  3. They spend all this effort making stuff look enjoyable and great in the ads.

    Then you get to the game and it’s dog shit.


  4. You still see those? The only “game” ads I get are stupid ass story/drama make your own adventure games with big titties anime waifus. Not that I complain, as a man of culture, I love big titties anime waifus. Still, mobile game ads are the cream of the crop for stupid marketing.

  5. Mobile games that are advertised are so dumb

    They advertise simple puzzles that the advert gets wrong so people are like I’ll be great at this game it’s easy. Which it is because they are games for 2 year olds

    Then all they are, are a god damn add generator with your simple game in between.

    You spend more time watching ads than playing the games never download these games. Ever

  6. It’s shit like this i wish our government would regulate, out law shitty ads with fake (x) close buttons or buttons that only show up after five minutes or adds that don’t show actual gameplay,

  7. What makes me sad is that there are so many amazing things mobile phones can do these days but mobile gaming is just focused on free to play pay to win bullshit.

  8. isn’t there one template ad for an actual final fantasy mobile game or something?

    the first time i saw that i legit thought it’s an illegal bootleg that somehow decides to advertise their product.

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