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Written by hugo santos


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  1. The backward hat under the helmet is a rare species only seen in select areas of the southern Florida region. They are on the endangered list as there population is dwindling due to expansion of progress to their habitat.

  2. I don’t think anything he is doing should be illegal, just saying he is prepared to enter a highly unlikely lawless situation, but not for the situation of tipping over and losing all the skin on his body other than where the rifle is on his back.

  3. That’s a grown up man in a supposed civilised country with a fucking gun on his back. What a twat. That’s something a kid would do with his new toy gun not an adult. What’s he hoping to achieve by having that piece of shit on his back?

  4. Knock his ass over with a Volkswagen and take his little ‘pew pew’ away from his twisted remains.

    “It was an accident, occifer. He pulled in front of me. No, I haven’t seen a rifle…”.

    What a dumb fuck.

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