My states Police division made an April fools video.

My states Police division made an April fools video. 7

My states Police division made an April fools video. 8

My states Police division made an April fools video.

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  1. You may laugh, but have you ever tried to lift a German Shepard up into a ceiling space? They crash right through then stare at you like you’re the asshole.

  2. Someone somewhere is going to say “yeah, but maybe…” and years from now will have a TIL about how weiner dogs droping from drones started out as a joke for April Fools Day.

  3. Love it.

    That said, remember that the “Dachs” in Dachshunds is *Badger*.

    Seriously. The directs translation from German of “Dachshund” is “badger dog”. They’re short & long body was bred to allow them to go after badgers in their burrows.

  4. Imagine living in this state and knowing the last time they gave you a speeding ticket they used some of that money to make an April fools video.

  5. He jokes, but I found a long haired dachshund on my farm once, and that lil bastard thought he was a wolverine. He’d face down coyotes, chase off strangers, go on walk-abouts and survive everything nature through at him. Me our the vet had to patch him up quite a few times because he was constantly punching above his weight class, but he never quit.

  6. This joke is so deep. S.A.U.S.A.G.E. acronym. Weiner dogs. “Hot dogs” because Australia is known for its extreme temperature.

    I got nothing on dropping dogs from drones.

  7. If I see a fucking wiener dog being lowered into my yard my a drone I’m hibernating till next year because I was clearly not ready for what 2021 has to offer

  8. Don’t you love the country. They take time out to make a video sponsored by their state government and their state police to give us some humour and respite for all of the other stuff.

    Triple thumbs up!

  9. As funny as this may look like, having a tiny police dog is actually a very valid proposition. Maybe not a dachshund, but [there’s a police dog that’s a parson russell terrier]( in Finland who’s so good at his job he was named the police dog of the year in 2018.

    Much like the joke video suggests, having a small dog is beneficial in that you can lift it up to places a german sheperd would have no business going, the breed is also really hard working and more tenacious than fe labs. He’s trained to look for money, passports, guns and drugs and can also search for humans. IIRC he found a money stash of 15,000€ on his first ever official working assignment alone.

    One case he talks about in the article was they were swarching a house and Jekku found the money stash… In the roof structures of the adjacent building. He smelled it and made signals that he needs to go to the next building, they went, he marked the roof, the police opened the roof and there it was. None of the police had even had the idea of searching the adjacent building at all.

  10. I had a massive grin on my face the whole way until the “attach to drones” part and I starting howling with laughter.

  11. Ok but am I the only one thinking this is a kind of legitimate idea?

    On that note, I have definitely seen a beagle in a TSA vest sniffing bags at baggage claim before

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