Nathan Fielder is a genius

Nathan Fielder is a genius 7

Nathan Fielder is a genius

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  1. He’s one of the guys where anything he’s attached to as a project I’m going to check out. How To with John Wilson was great

  2. I love the bit where he does a job interview at a law office with the little kid telling him what to say.

    “What that means?”

  3. Nathan’s real gift is he gets OTHER people to improvise. He does this a lot on his show Nathan For You; he’s constantly handing the ball over to underprepared average folks and they flounder.

  4. Totally unrelated but the dude from season 3 of the sinner(not the main guy but his friend that makes him do terrible shit) was such an evil nathan fielder looking mother fucker.

  5. Nathan Fielder is at the top (literally number 1) on my list of celebrities I want to do all sorts of sex stuff with. Don’t ask me why I find him so attractive but I would do anything for him.

  6. Obviously he’s a genius. The intro to his show tells you that he graduated from one of Canada’s top business schools- with really good grades.

  7. Thank God it’s an actual clip that gives people an idea what makes him hilarious. Most of the time people post that “Thin Watermelon” clip, which if that was my introduction to Nathan Fielder, I would’ve never checked out his incredible show.

    Btw if you’re reading this and you haven’t watched it yet, Nathan for You is THE funniest show that has ever existed, period.

  8. An interesting parallel between Nathan for You and The Office is when Dwight marries >!Angela !<without her realizing it because the ceremony was done in another language and he tricked her into signing the marriage certificate under the guise of it being a receipt. The same thing happened in Nathan for You when he >!married that guy at the Chinese food restaurant with a Mandarin-speaking priest and made him order the !< “I do” >!menu item and then they signed the receipt.!< There was another skit that happened almost exactly the same way that it did on The Office as well but I can’t remember what it was now

  9. Does anyone feel bad for the salesman and the way Nathan treated him? The guy is probably on commission and has to make it look like he is trying to sell to this guy who is being an ass on purpose. I hope he at least bought something from him.

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