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Neigh T – Neigh T

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  1. I knew an old, retired pacer who had a beautiful big box stall. He also had a pet chicken. This horse would NOT go into his stall unless his chicken was in there. However, the chicken wasn’t interested in hanging out inside all day, so when the horse was out, it would leave. There were chickens all over the place, and they were all white. If you tried to fake out the horse by grabbing a passing chicken and bunging it in the stall, the horse would look at you like you just killed his mother.

  2. I live in Montana. I work on farms, occasionally.

    Horses’ brains are wired funny. Some can’t be broken to ride, but will happily pull gear for miles. Some will only let people without hats ride them (true story). Some are just rotten and evil and hate everything. One I worked with always had a different towel wrapped around her neck like a bandana, the rancher said, “Yeah. She got an infected bite from something when we got her, and we put the towel around it to keep it from getting irritated. Now, the damn horse won’t do *shit* without wearing one.”

    The horse’s name was ‘Zsa Zsa’. No. Fucking. Joke.

    AT-AT costume? Not even weird. (A smart horse would know you can’t wear any gear with that thing on. A very smart horse).

  3. Starman the horse LOVED his winter hood that made him look like a mystery horse!
    Same when he was to old to ride, I would have to put a bareback pad on him to make him feel like he had his saddle when I would saddle the others.
    He would nose and mouth his gear if he could get to it, or come trotting up (and push past the others) if he saw me messing with his stuff.

    Shady the horse gets thrown off her game/disappointed when her halter is one of the red ones and not one of the blue or black ones.

  4. Also, sometimes animals do things because they notice that it brings joy. If your happy everytime you put an outfit on your horse, or a bandana on your dog, they usually begin to think, if the human is happy when i wear it; it must be a good thing, so then they dont know why its good just it makes the human happy, so it must BE good, lol.

  5. This is the stupidest repost of this image I have seen. I personally saw this horse in his costume for the costume class at the World Clydesdale Show in October 2018 (edit: I think I still have video on my phone). The horse behaved relatively well in his costume for the first half of the class but it was basically hanging off of him by the end. It is so weird to make up this stupid story when the real story of “Guy makes fun costume for his horse” is sufficient.

    Nobody is going to read this, but it really grinds my gears, so I had to post.

  6. A lot of people will use blinders to keep a horse focused and not scared if they are walking on a ledge. So it’s no surprise it liked the helment.

    Also, some animals, cows especially, like to be squeezed ever so slightly. It gives them a sense of comfort. A lot of people on the spectrum have the same effect.

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