NFL cornerback Richard Sherman vs a Karen

NFL cornerback Richard Sherman vs a Karen 7

NFL cornerback Richard Sherman vs a Karen

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  1. For some context:

    Sherman earlier said that it was a conflict of interest that NFL commissioner Goodell visited New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s home (Seahawk’s Super Bowl opponent) to discuss Deflate-gate and that there will probably be little discipline handed down as a result.

    The reporter challenged him on that because Sherman doesn’t know exactly what was discussed between Goodell and Kraft, and that it’s a conflict of interest that he’s playing against Brandon Browner (his former teammate and opponent in the Super Bowl) while giving him hi fives before the game.

    Edit: And no it wasn’t Mara (Giants Owner) who came to the defense of Goodell after the Ray Rice ordeal. It was Kraft. That’s why Sherman can’t help himself from laughing and dismissing her. Mara was actually critical of Goodell and co-sponsored the fact-finding commission.

  2. Richard Sherman graduated High School with a 4.2 GPA (Salutatorian…and voted Most Likely to Succeed). Then he got a degree in Communications from Stanford. Probably not the guy you want to run to talking shit when you don’t have your facts straight.

  3. “just because something is public doesn’t mean that’s what’s really happening”

    and that mentality bleeding into every facet of our lives is how the last 6 years happened

  4. “The levels aren’t there for us” is a great way to end a conversation with someone ignorant. I’m definitely stealing that…

  5. he’s right. an employee hanging out with their boss is not the same thing as an employee hanging out with another employee from a different company or dept

  6. I know practically nothing about football, but this dude’s clearly hit the genetic lottery.

    He plays in the NFL so he’s obviously physically gifted and good at his sport, he has movie star good looks, and he’s good at debating to boot.

  7. Well I didn’t do my research, but I’m willing to bet whomever that “reporter” was she made a lot of assumptions about Richard Sherman’s level of intelligence before she started asking questions.

  8. Becoming an nfl player is obviously lucrative but people seem to forgot that many of them are very well educated. An actual back and forth would’ve been nice but I guess this will have to do

  9. What kinda journalist rests their argument on the premise that the rich owner (Kraft) “said you didn’t know about that situation.” So therefore you “didn’t do your research”. Like what kinda evidence is that? So she’s just gonna take the word of the owner and that’s conclusive.

    Her type of journalism is to comfort the powerful and afflict the comparatively powerless. This unfortunately is huge problem is sports journalism.

    ESPN is particularly hilarious with NCCAA football. Not paying the players is morally right and every coach has a right to treat players as chattel and profit of them. Because $$$.

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