“No curve right here”

"No curve right here" 7

"No curve right here" 8

“No curve right here”

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  1. He even has a ROUND moon on his profile picture

    how should that work:
    Sun: O
    Every other planet we obsered so far: O
    The moon: O
    Earth: –

  2. I’m just gonna tell them that the pictures and articles they provide are fake and just propaganda. Throw their own words back at them.

  3. If you take a picture of the top of a ball, it will appear flat if you zoom in enough. It’s literally what’s happening in the picture

  4. That’s another perk of looking at social media You’re able to see all these insane people that make you feel generally less stupid

  5. Okay can someone answer me something I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes trying to understand? What the fuck do they mean by ‘you will never change what you tolerate? I mean I will say I just might be stupid which is causing this to be so confusing, but don’t worry. At my stupidest I’m Stephen Hawking compared to the average flat earther

  6. We’re just not gonna speak on the fact that if the world was actually flat the world’s population would be completely different and also the climate

  7. While the curve is very slight, it is there. What you need to do is put the picture in MS Paint and then drag the sides down to almost touching and then you’ll see that there is some curve.

  8. i m definitely in minority who hates all these memes where they use “Dead Body found”, “emergency meeting” or “holy shit u killed her dude” etc. It was but funny first 5-6 times but now its just being lazy and unoriginal.

  9. yeah thats true. somtimes i think i’m talking to the bigest idiot in the world but then i somehow meet somone dumber. (sory if my spelling is wrong)

  10. There won’t be a curve at sea level unless you’re on a cylinder, right? Because of the way spheres look when close

  11. the best part is that the ocean is pretty much the easiest place to proof the roundness. just look at a ship, thats going over the horizon, and you’ll see it disappear behind it, from the bottom upwards. if earth was flat, you would either allways see the ship, or it would be covered by fog as a whole, not from the bottom up.

  12. It’s not where the curve is tho, the curve is forward, and you don’t see it because it literally curves down and not up. Also, you don’t see the curve sideways because of the picture view. Happy to help, if any flat earther out there need help with anything else, I am here. Anything really. How to open a door. Are your shoes on you correct? What is a tv remote? Ask me anything that you struggle understand and I will help.

  13. My theory is that flat eathers don’t believe gravity is real and just a SiMuLaTIoN

    You’d tell them a star is a flaming gas ball like the sun and they prolly still think it’s still a planet/just the sun

    I gUeSs oNe sIDe oF tHe eARtH dOeSnT gEt sUnLigHT

  14. I have a neighbor who is a flat earther. The shit they believe is crazy, and while I cannot remember most of what he said I thought for the longest time they were just the ramblings of somebody who was high.

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