Not a drill, I repeat, not a drill

Not a drill, I repeat, not a drill 7

Not a drill, I repeat, not a drill 8

Not a drill, I repeat, not a drill

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  1. Any time I see this it blows my mind. One of the best first person shooters out there, just came out at the wrong time so the fan base never got to grow to be what it should have been. The campaign alone is worth the cost of buying this game

  2. Facts. People are still online when I go on to play every now and then. A game that truly has stood the test of time thus far, in this fast changing gaming world.

  3. I got Titanfall 2: master Edition for like 4 dollars a few months ago. Easily the best investment I’ve ever made

  4. Single player is short enough to finish in a single sitting, designed well enough to keep you engaged, written well-enough to make you care, and memorable enough to stand in the halls of other great single player campaigns.

    Titanfall 2 is to me what everyone viewed Halo 3 as in 2007.

  5. I really liked the campaign, as short as it was, it was a great way to get into the gameplay and the levels were really memorable.

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