Not gonna do this but I’m starting to understand the folks that do

Not gonna do this but I'm starting to understand the folks that do 6

Not gonna do this but I'm starting to understand the folks that do 7

Not gonna do this but I’m starting to understand the folks that do

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  1. Some of us can’t even watch in our regions even if we’re ready to pay. The only way to watch is to pirate. The streaming services that actually do work have a pitiful collection of anime that isn’t worth paying for, stuff from ages ago.

  2. I seriously don’t get it. Not only do you have to subscribe to 8 different services for all your favorite shows and movies, but now some of those shows are making us wait a week for each episode. And to those who say “That’s how it was before streaming, you spoiled millenial”: Shut the fuck up. Whats the point of steaming services then?? Why don’t we just go back to satellite or cable if this is how it’s going to be? At least with satellite, you pay for one subscription and get everything.

  3. can someone explain to me why amazon video only has like half of the Rick and Morty episodes and they aren’t in any real order

  4. Most people do piracy I know a dude who has Netflix, Hulu, HBO max and Spotify but he still does a ridiculous amount of piracy just because he wants to make meme clips out of it.

  5. I wanted to watch the Mandalorian but Disney+ is not available where I live soo…
    I guess I am a pirate now.
    Edit: Does anybody have a cutlass?

  6. The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting antipiracy technology to work. It’s by giving those people a service that’s better than what they’re receiving from the pirates.

    -Gabe Newell

  7. Is it really piracy anymore when you can literally download a browser extension like putlocker for chrome? (I am absolutely not advocating that people do this as it is *technically* illegal and you need to make sure you also have a good antivirus just to be safe and adblocker to get rid of annoying popups. I’m just making conversation.)

  8. The biggest bs I’ve ever seen is when season 2 of a show is on one streaming service and season 1 is on another. Thankfully I haven’t seen that anytime recently but it has happened.

  9. I literally don’t have any choice the only streaming service that has a decent anime library is Netflix
    But still they don’t have all the episodes of the shows I watched so yeah piracy is the way…

  10. Ive always been a pirate idk why people would pay crunchy or funination both dont pay animators. If i could support these guys making the anime i would. But they get cucked already so fuckit pirate away.

  11. Pfffft! Amateurs. Just have one or two streaming services a month and mix between them. It’s cheaper, it’s legal and you don’t have to pay for something you don’t really use.

  12. Search “” on google it has a lot of anime’s and it’s safe the only thing it to not press on the ad banners, they are not safe they’re just there cos the site needs income since there donations aren’t enough

  13. Ha I have one.. website, that allows me to watch anime dubbed, subbed. I can also watch cartoons and animated movies (no real life tho)


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