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  1. Am i the only one who kind of didn’t care about how awkward the game was? Shit was fucking revolutionary to begin with for me. The world felt alive. I knew this was some pioneering craftsmanship and could understand the coding and limitations lead to these peculiar interactions. But i totally overlooked it and kept myself perfectly immersed.

  2. It’s funny watching these vids now (absolute classics) and realizing there are a lot of kids today who have zero context for this shit, seeing as there’s basically zero reason to re-visit Oblivion these days.

    edit: Apparently this video is super new! In my defense the guy hasn’t aged a day and still has the same shirt lol

  3. This is how I would level up my heavy armor, shield, restoration, and amoring.

    Pick pocket a guard. Resist arrest and let him and his buddies wail on you while you heal and repair your armor/shield. After they break their weapons on you and you are tired of this, block + use to yield and pay the $40 fine.

  4. There needs to be a mini series from these guys, all their shorts perfectly capture those Bethesda/elder scrolls feels. If they had a budget I’m sure this could take off.

  5. One of my favorite channels on YouTube. I probably watch “Have you heard of the High Elves?” A few times a week for a good laugh.

  6. Can I just say, in these tumultuous times where politics is invading everything, this kind of shit is what we need more of. This is the internet I know and love.

  7. I remember my dad loved playing these games, even though the game had many problems and was really funny at times. Ever since he passed away watching these videos has a special place in my heart and makes me really miss him alot. Is this part of a game series and which one is this video based on?

    Edit: sorry if I offended anyone

  8. Man this guy manage to make me realise that Oblivion was a janky game in so many way. I was like no way is it gonna live to the other… o god I was wrong!

  9. The way he says “Your stolen goods are now forfeit” is so fucking close to the original clip, but the rest of the words sound different. What the actual hell? That was a mind trip.

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