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[OC] Crashed

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  1. auto save every 30-10 minutes

    set a alarm or look at your watch.

    just want to help my bros who put a lot of time in the art world, you guys are insane.

  2. I had a teacher in a 3D modeling and basic animation class who would occasionally pull the plug on the computers in the classroom just to teach us the importance of constantly saving your work. I’ve learned to habitually hit CTRL-S every few minutes because of it.

  3. Sorry.. But Photoshop has recovery after an crash built in since CC first release. Works like a charm (and in my experience way better than ms office autorecover)
    Don’t turn off stuff you don’t understand or use cracked and outdated crap.

  4. The year was 2003, the daughter of the president of the company had a cushy job nepotism position, she had an excel file she worked on for 6hrs and never saved, the help desk couldn’t help her so it landed in my lap since I was the “nobody knows how to fix this, let’s get Travis”. There was no recovering that document, this was before Office did secret saves, I looked all around the temp folders too.

    Sorry this story sucked but so didn’t being put in that situation.

  5. I’m learning how to makes games in Unity Engine, which is always buggy. That along with the laptop itself deciding to bluescreen every so often, I built it in to my muscle memory to hit CTRL+S every few movements no matter what I’m doing.

    Especially when I’m arguing politics or on Reddit. Start up a Wordpad file and hit Ctrl S every few sentences.

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