[OC] Drawback fixing these days

[OC] Drawback fixing these days 7

[OC] Drawback fixing these days 8

[OC] Drawback fixing these days

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  1. The only reason we have a fire is because the fire detector is detecting it. If we had less fire detectors, we’d have less fires!

  2. Ancient Greeks did it , or was it the Mesopotamia’s but it’s where we get the phrase “ don’t shoot the messenger – if you don’t like the message”

  3. This actually happened to me in real life at my previous place ~ 5 years ago.

    Lived on the top floor in a two story condo with two other friends. Each floor was it’s own separate home, with separate entrance, but shared the stairways. A bunch of Indian girls sharing the floor below.

    So as we (me and my roommates) were taking groceries home, we realized that the smoke detector went off. It was so loud that at first we thought that it was coming from our place. Turns out it was from the place below. We ignore it and move on at first, but then it’s been 5 minutes minutes and it’s still going off. Just to make sure that things are okay, we knock on the door a few times and get no answer. Decide to ignore it again, but then we hear some commotion from the other end. I get concerned knock on the door again, this time shouting “Hey, you guys okay in there?”. Still no answer, adds 10 points concern.

    At this point, I decide to check what’s up and touch the knob, it’s normal temperature, so I try to turn it, the door’s open, no smoke. A little relieved. Door opens into the home to a narrow walkway, which the door blocks view of, if open at 90 degrees, to my left is the blaring alarm and to my right, the door blocks the view, behind which was supposedly a girl, who was springing towards the alarm.

    Before I realize what’s going on, she softball pitches a jug full of water at the alarm. At this point I assume that the smoke detector was faulty or something, but NO SIR. As I try to capture more information on what was going on to help with the commotion, I realize that another fine lady was cooking Indian food in the kitchen, which is essentially where shit hit the fan (in this case, water hit the alarm). This woman had managed to burn a pan full of oil, which pissed off the smoke detector. I first turn off the stove and then ask this lady who was cooking to open all windows. While I was trying to open one near the alarm, I realize that there is another girl, just chilling and eating from a bag of chips, right below alarm and possibly drenched in water cause of the first girl’s attempt at solving the problem, no fucks given. The alarm immediately stopped when I opened the window right beside her.

    Both me and my roommate still remember the day on occasions for a good laugh. Was surreal to watch each of their attempt to solve the issue. We sometimes wonder, what was their thought process for the 5 minutes we didn’t bother to check on them.

  4. Holy crap that’s some strong plastic on that smoke detector if it’s able to put a dent in that fire extinguisher

  5. Trump, when asked about his assertion that COVID would eventually disappear:

    “I’ll be right eventually.”

  6. I hate this bitch whoever elected to be a leader, I swear hes such a fucking counterproductive little bitch.I hate all of you who elected him because we fucking warned you.

  7. Perfect analogy for the coronavirus problem in the US right now.

    They notice a fire (increased amount of sick/dead) and the alarms start going off (increase in confirmed cases) and instead of fixing the fire (the sick and dying) they want the alarms to stop (number of confirmed cases) by slowing down testing.

  8. That’s Trump way to solve issues. His way to decrease Covid cases is slowing the testing. What a “genius”man!

  9. So….if I understand what you’re saying…by doing less tests, we’ll have less instances of people known to have covid, thereby lowering the incidence of covid for our country?

    This is genius!

  10. it’s like trump’s america. “Stop testing!” “Economy is doing great!” “I built the wall!” “DeMoCrAts” “Hoax”.

    Anything but responsibility.

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I received quite a lot of cheese in my pockets if I want it.

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