[OC] Simply sprayed a wasp nest…

[OC] Simply sprayed a wasp nest... 7

[OC] Simply sprayed a wasp nest... 8

[OC] Simply sprayed a wasp nest…

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  1. I’ve zero sympathy for wasps at this point. A few years back I had a wasp nest 1/2 this size high up on an eve that I left alone cause they weren’t bothering me… til they did.

    I was trimming hedges probably 20 feet away with electric shears when I got at least 3 stings to my arm (according to the doc). My arm swelled to more than twice it’s normal size… it was seriously popeye level shit (but in a bad way) and cost a few hundred in emergency room and steroid treatments.

    I’ve kept a can of hornet spray on hand ever since.

  2. You just reminded me to walk around the house and check, they are easier to kill when they are small. Watch out for that set on fire idea, I almost caught my house on fire. In retrospect maybe I shouldn’t have grabbed the hose.

  3. In my childhood home we had an old wooden floor with cracks that went to the crawlspace, we had a hornet nest in the crawlspace and wasps came through the cracks in the floor, one went in my pyama pants and stung my thigh. I’ve been afraid of wasps ever since.

  4. So im going to play devils advocate here. should have just had it removed professionally its really cheep. also with the empty nest there and the dead wasps potentially in the flashing hope you like cockroaches.

  5. There’s a wasp spray the professionals use in the states that you can get off amazon and it’s instant kill stuff. Wasp freeze.

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