[OC] The present should go on

[OC] The present should go on

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  1. must the show go on? (Ooh, pa) take me home, take me home, take me home (Ooh, ma) let me go There must be some mistake I didn’t mean to let them take away my soul Am I too old, is it too late? where has the feeling gone? (Ooh, ma, ooh, pa) will I remember the songs? (Ooh, ah) The show must go on


  2. *Technically* if everything goes okay for a bit it could just go back up to absolute horrible but worse, similar to that one writing technique where we get introduced, familiarised, something bad happens, nothing really happens, then it goes horrible. By the way, I absolutely love this template!

  3. We dont need to recover

    we have enough recources for every human to have food and safety

    If we wanted to, we could educate more doctors. There is a hell lot of people motivated to become a doctor

    But we dont want to, because some people want to have significantly more money than others, automatically leading to some people living in poverty

  4. Maybe they saved the dinosaur assets and will bring them back for a season… Or perhaps they’ll send some actors down there to cause a rucus, idk

  5. It seems like our alien friends malfunctioned. Let’s fix that with a c o n t r o l l e d s h o c k

  6. We should get a break and after a while when we think its all over.. BOOM. The end of the world(or godzila )

  7. They just gave us a new covid strain thats basically ASF and Covid combined within the first days of july. Pretty sure theyre not giving us a break

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