[OC] The red crayon

[OC] The red crayon 7

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[OC] The red crayon

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  1. I found it funny, even if it’s actually not a great comparison.

    Your standard color printers only use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK), so in order to create other colors, they need to be mixed. If you want red, you need to have enough magenta and yellow, and for blue, you need enough cyan and magenta. You gotta consider that printers can print over 16k different colors out of 4. Problem is that most people think that cyan is the same as blue and then get irritated that they can’t print something blue while being low on magenta.

    Source: I work for a large regional toner company, and used to build and repair cartridges in our production department. I’ve probably got cyan lung by now.

  2. Not a special kid. That’s literally every toddler, “I CANT PUT ON MY SHOES BECAUSE MY MILK IS TOO WHITE!!!!”

    So yeah, the point stands, printers are toddlers, but not special ones.

  3. The look on the red guy’s eyes in the 2nd panel looked like he was gonna bust a cap on the kid’s head and pop his knees backwards

  4. A color printer should be able to print any color (including black) if it has yellow, magenta, and cyan (primary colors for pigments). Here’s a PNG showing the lab we do in high school chemistry.


    Sorry I don’t have an actual picture from the lab, but will try to remember to upload one when we get to IMFs.

    BTW, I said “should” above because it’s technically possible, but many printers are cash grabs and won’t print without their expensive branded chip/cartridge.

  5. Oh! I had a printer once. My parents were sick of getting me print outs from office, so they bought a printer.

    They never bought a refill.

  6. Canon Pixma FTW. I always use 3rd party ink and every now and again I’ll get the error message that ink is not recognised so I open ink drawer, remove it and place it back again and problem solved. I print decals for a living and go through all colours and black in a week (printing 150+ full colour sheets) and have been using 3rd party cheap inks for over 4 years without issue

  7. That’s the worst feeling, like wtf?! I’ve been printing everything in black and white for a long time now. HOWEVER, the color cartridges keep running out. F*#k you HP!

  8. We realized that we print in B&W at home way more often than color, so we just switched to a home laser printer. Toner never dries out!

  9. I have a HP Photosmart, and in order to print black, you have to have both the black ink and photo black ink. If you are missing one, the black will come out gray.

  10. The President of HP retired recently and met with his financial planner to decide what to do with the rest of his life.

    “I recommend you purchase a winery and retire to the grape vines.”

    “Why on earth would I do that?”

    “The wine business and printer business have a lot in common. Both sell overpriced colored liquids in small containers.”

  11. Business grade HP lasers will happily keep trying to print even with no toner left.

    My first printer, a Lexmark inkjet, would do the same.

  12. I literally had to change a magenta toner cartridge like 5 minutes ago! I was printing a spreadsheet that was black and yellow….

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