[OC] Two sorts of gamers

[OC] Two sorts of gamers 7

[OC] Two sorts of gamers 8

[OC] Two sorts of gamers

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  1. Can’t forget the underhanded moves player use like pushing you off the edge, diving infront of you so you trip your on them, & just being an all around asshole. Love this game ?

  2. If you will fall on the floor in Fall Guys, other players will step on you like on floor. It happens to me almost in every game!

  3. Dev: “We finally made a Battle Royal game that players *actually* enjoy.”
    Coder: “Impossible! How?
    Dev: “by making it fun!”

  4. That one shit-gargling donkey-cock-smoke playing grab-ass on the GODDAMN SEE SAW. FUCK YOU I STILL QUALIFIED YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

    Ok, I’m done now.

  5. I would also throw this on Northernlion’s subreddit (and maybe check out his vids) he was talking about this exact thing in his videos

  6. you gotta watch the pigeon costumes ive seen one literally deny victory just to grab some random guy at the finish line

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“The Marines haven’t any race issues. They deal with all people like they’re black.” – Normal Daniel “Chappie” James