Oh god oh no

Oh god oh no

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  1. I prefer the sleeping position in which your arms are by your side, legs straight, and with a noose around your neck. You won’t feel a thing

  2. Almost my entire body comfortable: why can’t you be normal?

    My left pinkie toe crushed under my body weight: **Screaming.**

  3. I learned a cool thing, if you ignore it or even focus without moving you fall asleep so fast. Not moving=sleep

  4. Today I woke up and couldn’t move my hand AT ALL i had to use my other hand to move it into a different position so the blood could flow through
    Weird feeling

  5. When you almost enter the sleep you’ve been waiting on all day your head planted firmly on the pillow your eyes closed your thoughts drifting away then out of no where you have to turn your head and the process rests and you do this five times tell your almost in tears because you are so tired ,you finally give up go on reddit and write a shitty comment that will only get 3 upvotes max

  6. It is currently very late or very early I don’t know but I can definitely confirm this picture as correct

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