Oh that’s just f***ed up….

Oh that's just f***ed up.... 7

Oh that's just f***ed up.... 8

Oh that’s just f***ed up….

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  1. Sophia: “You cheap slut!, Go make your tuna casserole. I’ve never seen you actually use tuna, but it always smells like there is. Is it because you cook your noodles in your bath water?”

  2. Can I just say how much I love when posts about classic shows like The Golden Girls come up and it causes these shows to get the love and attention they deserve? 😊

  3. I find it odd how I as a 12 year old barely knowing English found this random ass american sitcom of old grannies entertaining.

  4. As a kid: How is that even a joke? That doesn’t make sense.

    As an adult: *visibly cringe at the thought of sad, watery marinara* This show kinda slaps

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The original character creator 20

The original character creator

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