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Written by hugo santos


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  1. The spiritual brother of my cat who decided the new window screen was impeding her freedom and proceeded to rip it off and go outside in the middle of the night. Couldn’t get back in and I found her on the back porch this morning, waiting for the door to open. And yes, she was pissed off.

  2. My dog did this. She did it a few times before she got used to having a screen door. My dad sewed it back together each time. Finally she learned and my dad decided to upgrade to a new, nicer screen door.

    A week later, my aunt visited and brought her dog, who promptly ran through the new one.

  3. My family had an animal proof screen door. If one of the dogs destroyed it they would replace free of charge. After the 8th time they had us bring in the dog, they had never seen such destruction. It was an old rat terrier, they couldn’t believe it.

  4. We recently completely rebuilt our screen doors. We removed the solid and glass segments completely, replaced them with mesh and—this is important—this great grate stuff we got at the hardware store. Wide enough to barely impede air flow, solid enough to withstand any but a very VERY determined dog.

  5. I was working doing satellite TV installs when I rolled up to a house out in the boonies. A playful, excited black lab greeted me at the truck and we walked up to the house together. At the top of the steps was a screen door just in tatters. The owner greeted me and let me in. I asked if the dog could come inside and she said, “watch this idiot.”. She opened the screen door wide and said, “Come!!” to the dog but he just sat on his haunches. Then she closed the busted door and the dog bounded through. She said this was her third door and she’s never replacing it. My fondest memory from that job.

  6. When my wife and I first moved in to a new apartment our husky Shepard mix dog ran strait through the screen on the balcony. Tore up the screen folded the frame up. Tore everything up. We had the apartment for like 5 mins and he tore a whole chunk of it apart. He was damn happy to be on the balcony tho

  7. My dog did that through the screen in the front window. Thankfully I caught her by the hips and got her back in, because 1) that’s a four foot drop into rose bushes and 2) the front yard isn’t fenced. In her defense, there was a deer.

    We don’t open the front windows any more.

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