“Ok, I’m ready… You get the beer!”

“Ok, I’m ready... You get the beer!” 7

“Ok, I’m ready... You get the beer!” 8

“Ok, I’m ready… You get the beer!”

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  1. I once found a basset hound that had gotten lost by the sand dunes in CO while I was on a school trip. He ended up staying with us for the rest of the trip and I named him Samson. Loved that dog very much, and he’s the reason why basset hounds are by far my favorite breed.

    Edit: because folks were concerned, no, of course we didn’t just leave the dog after we left the trip. No, we took care of him for several days before we took him to a vet in Buena Vista that confirmed he had a chip and they connected with his owners and got him home safe. I never heard anything since but no, we didn’t just abandon the dog afterward. We’re not monsters, just students in a Spanish class.

  2. I have a now blind 15 year old rat terroir chihuahua mix, and she did this the other day, I guess cause she was too tired and wanted to eat laying in her spot. I didn’t even get mad.

  3. Awww! that’s so damn cute. Puppy really wants to eat with you. That or it just likes eating in extreme comfort haha. Either way it’s adorable.

  4. When our dog was younger she would take mouthfuls of dry food into our bed and crunch it up/eat it there. Crumbs every night.

  5. It is widely believed that Basset Hounds are not very intelligent. I suspect this is a long con on their part.

  6. There’s something so wonderful about the Bassett physique—even the most in-shape guys are little pudges, radiating tubby dignity as they move about.

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You can’t convince me otherwise

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