One among my birthday playing cards this 12 months!

One among my birthday playing cards this 12 months! 7

One among my birthday playing cards this 12 months! 8

One among my birthday playing cards this 12 months!

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  1. The punch line needs to be at the end of the joke. The top line needs to be “Fuck!” to allow the viewer time to fully realize the picture, THEN “My weed!” at the bottom to realize the joke.

  2. haha, love this, my mom got me a magnet with this on it for Christmas a year or two ago. Fiance hates it but it stays on the fridge, especially when her parents come over.

  3. Maybe you’re not too far off, hearing voices after smelling the smoke from a burning bush of unknown origin is kinda suspicious…

  4. The some of the Acacia trees can have DMT in it, so some believe that since the acacia tree is native to that area that Moses got on a DMT trip when the bush was on fire hence the vision.

  5. After the initial panic, Scripture says that Moses noticed that the bush was not consumed by the fire. So it was all OK.

  6. There’s an IG page that has a bunch of these. I think it’s called classicalartshit or something to that effect.

  7. I feel like I’ve seen this on Facebook ages ago. Weird how some things from that era still make me laugh though, thanks for sharing!

  8. i got that card for my birthday a few years back (but twice the size of the card pictured) and i keep it with my weed.

  9. No no, the burning bush WAS the source of the hallucinations.

    He was a on good one. Probably had DMT or psylocybin.

  10. The bush that was said to be burning, btw, has hallucinogenic properties lol. They were literally just high and thought it was religion 👍🏼

  11. If I remember that story correctly, God got mad at Abraham for burning the sacred bush. His vengeance was in the form of plagues and then a flood happened so something. And that’s why we celebrate Easter with rabbit’s.

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Oh, Leon..

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