One-Minute Time Machine

One-Minute Time Machine

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  1. This feels like an homage or largely inspired by the play “Sure Thing” by David Ives. In the play a couple meet at a restaurant and each time they want to change the outcome of a moment they ring a bell and go back a few seconds. But this is a nice twist adding the time travel element to it.

  2. I always thought he was cute in NCIS, but damn, he’s like a teenage girl in every movie with a make over. Glasses off, somewhat different hair and a different outfit and boom. He’s a fox.

  3. You guys think that’s impressive, well move over because my wife calls me the One Minute Love Machine


    wait now that I’ve read it that’s not..

    oh damn

  4. This premise makes no sense. He HAS a time machine, but he doesn’t know how time travel works. She knows how it works, despite not having access to time travel.

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