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  1. I just checked if this is real. Will Smith doesnt even have twitter. Also howd so many of you guys get an infected symbol by your usernames? Nobody infect me please!!!!!

  2. I was watching The Pursuit of Happyness yesterday, man Jaden grow to be an ass! But I guess I can’t be surprised since Will made him walk every where.

  3. Jaden Smith is the weirdest kid, ffs kid your dad is will Smith and you still cant act, rap or even acr like a actual human being wtf

  4. How did a legend like Will Smith give birth to a Jaden Smith i dont get it

    Edit: I didn’t mean it in a way to demean him, I’m aware he’s done many good things for society. It was just the “deep” posts that he makes that have me confused

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Here's a skateboarding bird. 20

Here’s a skateboarding bird.

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This dog!!!