Or not it’s like that

Or not it's like that 6

Or not it's like that 7

Or not it’s like that

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  1. Dude y’all the reason we have dumbass labels on things shampoo says for external use only and I’m like who would do that I know

  2. I’m not surprised the rest of the world thinks America is just a bunch of idiots.

    But in its defense 99% of this shit is coming from Alabama, Florida and California

  3. As a Canadian I have a front row seat to events unfolding and I still don’t know what the hell is happening across the fence.

  4. Its true, im asian and can confirm everybody always talks about dumb americans doing things like reopening schools and not wearing masks

  5. A lot of people saying its people from certain states but its everywhere. Those states just have the loudest stupid people.

  6. Every day I think that other Americans can’t get any dumber, and then I see stuff like this. This is why I think we should get rid of the obvious warning labels, because if you have to be told not to hold the moving end of a chainsaw, you deserve what you get.

  7. Is this because alcoholics are not getting alcohol so they drink sanitizer in desperation? In india many are dying by drinking hand sanitizer to curb thier withdrawal symptoms.

  8. I didn’t believe it so I looked it up… YUP. 4 people have died so far from the article I read.

    I guess it’s like the disinfectant that works wonders for knocking out the virus so we should start injecting it./s

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