Orgazmo Theme Song-Now You’re A Man

Orgazmo Theme Song-Now You're A Man 7

Orgazmo Theme Song-Now You’re A Man

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  1. “No, you *couldn’t* just call them the Naughty Twins. They’re the Assfuck Twins. Why would you call them The Naughty Twins when they get fucked in the ass all the time?”

    “Well, that’s pretty naughty.”

  2. I went in watching Orgazmo with zero expectations, and left with my face hurting. The South Park duo know how to crank up the absurdity.

  3. Every time I hear someone exclaim “Jesus!” or “Jesus Christ!” I look around and say “Where?” because of this movie.

  4. I must have watched this movie a hundred times. We used to watch it like very other day when I got my first apartment with some friends out of college. We still quote it sometimes when we get together. Good times.

  5. This is one of those movies I show people and if they don’t think it’s hilarious I know we will never truly be close friends.

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