Paranormal cat-tivity

Paranormal cat-tivity 7

Paranormal cat-tivity 8

Paranormal cat-tivity

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  1. My robust (fat fuck) ginger digs around in my side table for ear plugs (strange addiction but I’m not judging)

    My partner thought it was me just being a clumsy asshole. Nope, just the stupid cat at 3am digging for crack/earplugs

    I miss having a solid nights sleep

  2. Im extremely lucky that my cat sleeps through the night. On the off chance she wakes up, she’ll quietly sit at the window. She’s a weird one. (she also likes belly rubs)

  3. Just never understood how anyone with a cat would leave their bedroom door open. The cat running rampant would drive me nuts.

  4. I have an automated cat toy I make sure I turn on for 30mins to an hour before bedtime and it tuckers him out for awhile

  5. I lived with a gf that had a cat like this (all cats, right?). We kept it in a room two doors away so we couldn’t hear it scratching at our door all night. It was the only way to get any damn sleep.

    Oh also couldn’t let it in the kitchen because it would bang the pots and pans all night.

  6. People wonder why we trained our cats to not be in our room at night. They sleep in the living room. They know not to bug us…. unless we are super late getting up and breakfast is delayed

  7. Can’t deal with cat thing because I’m hung up on the fact these people have a cam pointing at their bed recording all night.

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