People in China found another way to greet since they cant shake hands

People in China found another way to greet since they cant shake hands 7

People in China found another way to greet since they cant shake hands 8

People in China found another way to greet since they cant shake hands

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  1. Weirdly, this is what my friends and I started doing at school back in the day. It drove the principal crazy because she was a paranoid bitch who thought it was a code for something.

    Edit: had to fix my drunken typo

  2. I seem to recall reading a decade or so ago that they found fist-bumping was actually a good trend since it greatly reduces contact between people. IIRC, kids in daycares and such were starting to emulate the behavior and it was very helpful in preventing the spread of illnesses in schools. I’d have to find and article on it, but I’m pretty positive that was the case.

  3. I’m not a germaphobe, and am still a solid fan of the handshake, but if this became a thing here, I’d be totally on-board.

  4. #Breaking News:

    Coronavirus now contracted through direct foot to foot contact. Virus may still be contracted through outer coverings, such as shoes, socks and flip flops.

  5. I hate shaking hands with people. This has been an issue for me for years. People don’t wash their hands and are constantly on their dirty phones, cough and sneeze into their hands. I’m so over it. I never initiate a hand shake unless I know it’ll benefit me(job interview)

  6. I guess it helps a little bit but if your close enough to knock shoes with an infected person then your also close enough to get thier breath in your eyes (do people think mouth and nose is the only entry to infection?)

  7. Elbow bump man….this requires way too much balance can’t be done quickly or in passing.

    Put hand in pocket, sling out the chicken wing, bump elbows, heeehehehehe, move on.

  8. This would actually be way fucking better just in general to stop the spread of any type of sicknesss. The handshake holdover from the olden days isn’t really needed anymore. Believe me I like a good strong handshake but tbh getting rid of doing so would be pretty smart.

  9. I feel like if we were a thousand years back. This would turn into an actual thing for china forever. And when we went through our history class somebody would ask. Hey why do the Chinese say hello with their legs? And the teacher would go through and say, well. Way back when. People were dying and they believed touching other people was causing death. So the chinese touch foots with a cloth on it. And there would be this huge superstition in china about touching hand to hand would bring in a horrible plague of death.

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