Physics in apply

Physics in apply

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  1. For those who want to understand the meme but may not have heard of Hawking Radiation: what I understand of it is that in space there is constant conversions of energy to matter (I.e. E=mc^2) and then back again. I’m talking particle and antiparticle kind of appear and then crash into each other almost instantaneously. Sometimes this happens near a black hole since it is such a frequent process. The antiparticle may be pulled into the black hole while the regular particle isn’t. This would then decrease the black hole mass theoretically over time if this happens enough. Hope this helps!

  2. I read an article a few days ago( should have saved it) that said. Scientists observed a Black hole essentially blink. Over the course of 100+ days beginning in November 2019 it was observed to dim, and relight up again. Some believe it was due to the consumption of a nearby star that was the cause

  3. Just had a good chuckle at this but as I am too poor for awards I would like to offer you a cookie instead. 🍪

  4. Still love that black holes are literally strong enough to make particles that would otherwise instantly destroy each other be ripped apart.

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