Pixelated Cityscape

Pixelated Cityscape 7

Pixelated Cityscape 8

Pixelated Cityscape

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  1. Are there decent digital frames that can run Images like this? I would love one that cycled one cimenagraph per hour or something like that.

  2. If OneShot wasnts falling apart, the city would be like this id think… and theres nothing to say that isnt a monstrous lightbulb in the back

  3. Hey! I have a genuine question! I noticed almost everyone’s comments complimenting the gif are getting downvoted. Is there a rule in the sub of no compliments or is it looked down upon in the community to say an image looks cool? Like the mods just prefer more productive conversation maybe? If so, I’m sorry and I didn’t know!

    Update! I connected w a mod and it’s not a rule haha but everyone stop being mean and downvoting me for showing appreciation for something! It’s making me have to wait to comment and it’s annoying 😫

  4. HA funny coincidence, I have a still image of that as my phone homescreen. Almost thought I clicked off Reddit when I saw this lmao

  5. I love those raised roads, with the traffic driving in between the buildings. Really adds to the atmosphere.

  6. Man. This kind of background animation cycling reminds me of the 16 bit generation of games, like Sonic, where something was always going *on* back there even if you couldn’t see it too well.

    Just a few frames of animation, maybe some colored lights cycling on and off… That was a long, long time ago now.

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