Please cooperate.. I am trying to eat you….

Please cooperate.. I am trying to eat you….

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. This is really weird. I know exactly where and when this picture was taken. It was last week at Cotswold Wildlife Park. I know because I was there at the same time and walked past these 2 blokes, what could only have been a minute or 2 later. Had the timings been a little delayed, you might have seen me in the background…

    They (the 2 fellas) were on their way into the wolf enclosure, my family and I were on the way out to the wetland area, where these pelicans, ducks and a peacock were present. I saw these 2 amble past me, chuntering away to each other, hands beind their backs, almost identical outfits, shuffling along. I took some time to study them to establish any type of twinage . My conclusion is that they might be brothers but not identical. The shirts are definitely each a little different, as are, as I recall, the caps. I feel like a part of history. Not 5 minutes after this footage was shot, I saw a peacock shit, twice in pretty much the same spot. Unbelievable.

    I don’t know how to feel anymore. It’s a like I’m in an episode of Black Mirror.

    I hope the OP will validate this wild claim.

  2. Once took some disabled children to the zoo. I was acting a clown having my picture took in front of a fence that had a load of pelicans behind.

    I felt this like plastic thing grabbing at my arm and looked down to see one trying to swallow my arm whole !

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I just saw this movie this weekend… Jesus Crist what a underrated movie! Best i have saw this 2019!

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