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  1. That’s why I like less popular streamers they are way more active with their chat. Not saying that popular streamers aren’t ever active with their chat it’s just with so many people watching their stream it’s nearly impossible to reply to the comments unless if it’s through a donation.

  2. OH MY GOD. This happened to me once. So I was watching moistcr1tikal and I asked if he liked chicken alfredo, and the response was amazing. He said “I’d fuck hard for chicken alfredo.”

    I will never forget that moment…

  3. One time I suggested dead cells to a streamer and he actuqlly started playing it and It seemed like he really liked it.
    And then on his second or third run I got to be the person that controls the heals and he was dying so I tried to heal him but the fucking chat delay wouldn’t let me 🙁

    It was more then a month ago and he didn’t play it since then..

  4. I actually tilted the fuck out of a streamer once by making a sarcastic comment. He took it way too seriously and told me to kms and spent the next minute complaining about how people like me are what’s wrong with the world.

  5. That’s wh I always stay with streamers that have an average of 40 viewers or so, the highest I’ve went is 100 viewers but the dude always answers your questions and the comunity is just wonderful and wholesome.

  6. I was in a Roblox livestream waiting for a new event game to come out. So I typed in the chat “If they don’t release it I’m going to kidnap a staff member” the streamer read it and I felt very special.

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