Printed a stand for my ocarina

Printed a stand for my ocarina 7

Printed a stand for my ocarina 8

Printed a stand for my ocarina

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  1. My thought was that as I grow older I would become less jealous… I would see the world more rationally… I would understand that not everyone gets what they deserve…. but fuck you I want that

  2. Honestly I wouldn’t trust that one with a ceramic ocarina. With a plastic ocarina no problem, but with a ceramic one it’s just a matter of time before you bump it and it falls.

    This one is a very stable stand that works well with even my heavy ocarinas

    Also for anyone interested in buying or getting started on an ocarina, there are tons of shit quality $10-15 chinese unbranded ocarinas on the market that are untuned and unplayable. Mostly only good as decorations. It’s fine if you want a cheap collectible but they aren’t real musical instruments.

    If you want a playable piece, you gotta look for a quality ocarina. STL, Songbird, Noble, Spencer, Tenrai and Hans Rotter are a few quality brands that make excellent quality ocarinas.

  3. Did someone say stand? But actually that looks really cool and as everyone in here is saying painting it would be really cool.

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