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Pro gamer move

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  1. Netflix is so much better. U can chill with the girl, get less ads, choose what you wanna watch, and after a few months of movie being released, you can watch it for free.

  2. my parents are trying to cover it up by saying that they were involved with a class action lawsuit with the cable company in the 80s


    the company didn’t even exist until 1994, and even then i can only find a lawsuit from 2017 that they weren’t involved with

  3. Paying for cable is biggest scam out there such a waste of money. You want to watch bad tv shows? A ton of channels you don’t watch? mostly old re-runs? Constant never ending commercials? That’ll be 90$ a month.

  4. I tried to convince my parents that cable is now a scam. Seriously not only that it’s much more expensive then a netflix and the wifi monthly payment but it also has a 5-10 minute ads every time a broadcast ends. +you can’t even choose what you wanna watch and they charge extra money if you wanna watch a specific movie. Also they keep showing reruns, like seriously I haven’t seen a new episode of we bare bears for the last 3 months. Ooooh yeah it also doesn’t work at all if it’s raining outside and you can’t watch it afterwards, you just have to wait for the rerun. Let’s say you have a show you wanna watch at 9-10 pm but then it started to rain and it stopped at 10 pm. Then you can’t watch that show anymore, you just have to wait its rerun during the weekends.

  5. My parents are in their 60s. They stopped adopting new technology unless absolutely forced to do so around the year 2000. They don’t understand what a streaming service is. Also, “channel surfing”, when you sit down and just start flipping through channels till some random thing captures your interest (doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the show or movie or whether they’ve seen any episodes or previous installments in the series) is still a legitimate entertainment activity.

  6. My smart tv is literally the best thing. I can download whatever streaming services I need and many are free or reasonably cheap. Now the only issue is that buying plans that give you cable and internet are a better deal than just internet so that’s a problem.

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