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Probably dreaming of next

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  1. Not %100 sure about this cat in particular. But, drooling has been known to be a sign of having teeth problems. Might be time for a check-up.

  2. I hope the owner of this cat gets them checked out. It’s not normal, and can easily be a sign of a larger issue. It happened recently to our cat, that’s the only reason I’m saying this here.

  3. Some excess salivation is fine, but this is too much. My last kitty drooled like this the week we had to put her down because of mouth cancer.

  4. I love seeing something worrying and then checking the comments and people actually are already there pointing out that this is something that needs to be checked out.

    So much ‘cute/funny’ stuff gets posted where the owner/commenters dont seem to have a clue what is actually going on.

  5. My cat sometimes drools like that, though mostly when being pet and/or being hugged. He can be a big baby about attention, especially after I’ve walked in the door.

  6. My cat drools, not this bad though😂 he’s done it all his life. We’ve had him checked out and I think he’s just a little strange.

  7. still, better safe than sorry. Most of the time, hypersalivation means that there might be an infection or lesion inside the mouth.

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